Family Business

We are a family that produces grapes and wines and we also enjoy to properly receive our guests! With the biggest respect for the Duriense tradition and terroir, we regularly try improving to be a reference in the region! (sugestão: we regularly try to improve and become a reference in the region.)

We aim to perpetuate the traditions of the region by producing high quality wines and receiving our guests as we would like to be received by them in a farm that has been passed from generation to generation! We are passionate about Portuguese art and culture and we aim (/strive) to its dissemination through our wines and by sharing our knowledge on the spot.


Since the old days, our family is connected to agriculture. We enjoy land and its peace and calm. We appreciate the sound of silence but also the church bells from Celeirós and the chants we sometimes ear in the month of Maria. We know that there’s nothing better than family time, sometimes shared with our guests; we believe, of course, that good times should be accompanied by a great wine.

We offer more than just a service, we offer Douro in a way that your might take with you more than just a souvenir.

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